(Fourth Estate / University of Chicago Press / Ático de los Libros)

Out of a tempestuous sea, fantastical stories of drowned poets, eccentric artists and magical animals, slipping between species and gender, all bound by the profound ocean.


‘Rich and strange from the tip of its title to its deep-sunk bones’, Robert Macfarlane


‘RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR is so well written, so impassioned, so aquaobsessed that after reading it you may actually want to drown’, John Waters


‘…sees him returning to the ocean, but by now the water holds a different kind of fascination—a glamour and pull toward a metamorphosis… with constant reminders of the volatility of our existence’, Karin Altenberg, Wall Street Journal


‘Part nature writing, part memoir and part travelogue, Hoare’s erudite and intimate account of his obsession with the sea is a masterpiece…this book goes further, darker and more beautifully into the deep’, Alex Preston, The Observer


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3 am: hanging under a hot moon, in an alchemical sea; it could turn me into anything I wanted to be

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Philip Hoare

a rose is a rose is a rose t.co/e505hMkbsG

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