U.S. Publication by University of Chicago Press, April 2018

“RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR is so well written, so impassioned, so aqua-obsessed that after reading it you may actually want to drown.”­—John Waters

“Every day is an anxiety in my ways of getting to the water. . . . I’ve become so attuned to it, so scared of it, so in love with it that sometimes I can only think by the sea. It is the only place I feel at home.”

‘Many of us visit the sea. Admire it. Even profess to love it. But very few of us live it. Philip Hoare does. He swims in the sea every day, off the coast of either his native Southampton or his adoptive Cape Cod. He watches its daily and seasonal changes. He collects and communes with the wrack—both dead and never living—that it throws up on the shingle. He thinks with, at, through the sea.

All of which should prepare readers: RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR is no ordinary book. It mounts no straight-ahead argument. It clings to no single genre. Instead, like the sea itself, it moves, flows, absorbs, transforms. In its pages we find passages of beautiful nature and travel writing, lyrical memoir, seams of American and English history, and much more. We find Thoreau and Melville, Wilde and Byron, John Waters and Virginia Woolf, all linked through a certain refusal to be contained, to be strictly defined—an openness to discovery and change. Running throughout is an air of elegy, a reminder that the sea is an ending, a repository of lost ships, lost people, lost ways of being. It is where we came from; for Hoare, it is where he is going.

“Every swim is a little death,” Hoare writes, “but it is also a reminder that you are alive.” Few books have ever made that knife’s edge so palpable. Read RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR. Let it settle into the seabed of your soul. You’ll never forget it.’




‘This is a mesmerizing drift along the flows and ebbs of sea-borne life and death’.

Publishers’ Weekly


‘Lush and literate.  The author both explains and deepens the enigmas of the sea’. Kirkus Review




18 May   New Bedford Whaling Museum https://www.whalingmuseum.org/

29 May   Nantucket Whaling Museum https://www.nha.org/sites/

30 May   Napi’s, Provincetown – in aid of Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies http://coastalstudies.org/


Opening 25 May:  RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR – Exhibition at Allbert Merola Gallery, Provincetown http://www.albertmerolagallery.com/  Curated by Philip Hoare, with work by Pat de Groot, John Waters, Ellen Gallagher, Paul Bowen, Timothy Woodman, Helen Miranda Wilson, Richard Baker, Mark Adams & more.

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2 am: the full moon fills the sea; time stops still

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@dedalusdenaries the nights are so long and the mornings so dark there might be no space inbetween

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2.30 am: swimming in the path of the moon; going to come out the other side